Sitting on the largest lake in Kansas, of course we have:
Pontoon Boats, Kayaks, Stand-Up Boards, Kayaks and Boat Slip Rentals.
Advance reservations are usually very important (all watercraft are in high demand). Walk-ins may be available.
To rent a pontoon boat, you must meet Kansas Boater Regulations.
Call to reserve at 785-463-4000

Pontoon Boats

  • Boats may be reserved from April-October for 4, 8 or 12 hour periods during daylight hours only. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations. Please see cancellation policy.
  • A valid driver's license, credit card, and completed liability waiver are required. Come to the office 15 minutes prior to fill out your waiver or file it in advance for faster check in. 
  • Weekday Rental Price/Duration (Not including fuel) *Check for Weekend and Holiday Rates
  • 115 HP Pontoon up to 11 people: 4 hrs - $255; 8 hrs - $390; 12 hrs - $515 **Call office for Weekend & Holiday Rates**
  • 150 HP Pontoon up to 14 people : 4 hrs - $320; 8 hrs - $485; 12 hrs - $645 **Call office for Weekend & Holiday Rates**
  • Fuel is not included in rental price. Each rental period begins with a full tank of fuel.
  • After turn in, pontoon will be filled with gas and the cost of gas + tax will be added to your rental.
  • Total number of people include children and infants.
  • Everyone 12 years or younger must wear a life jacket at all times on the boat. All life jackets must be within easy reach. The throw-able flotation device must be kept within reach and cannot be stored.
  • PFDs are included, renters receive safety briefing and operating instructions.
  • Please be on-time for your rental (unless previously arranged time with office). It takes about 15 minutes at the beginning of your rental time to complete boat check-in.
  • Late arrival of over 15 minutes from scheduled departure is additional $25 fee, every 30 minutes after is an additional $25 fee. Unfortunately, late arrivals increase challenges at the boat dock, to include staffing, traffic, time for cleaning, availability for next customer.
  • If your rental is cancelled due to weather, we will reschedule your rental, if at all possible. In the event of inclement weather or winds above 20 mph, for your safety, we will not launch any boats
  • Launching is from Acorns Resort's private boat dock.
  • We do not rent jet skis, anchors, ropes, tubes, skis or flags

Kayaks, Canoes and SUPs

  • Kayaks are $30 for 4 hours, $40 for 8 hours, $50 for 12 hours *Check for Weekend & Holiday Rates
  • Canoes are $35 for 4 hours, $45 for 8 hours, $55 for 12 hours *Check for Weekend & Holiday Rates
  • Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs) - $30 for 4 hours, $40 - 8 hours, $50- 12 hours *Check for Weekend & Holiday Rates
  • Check-in at the Office/Convenience store PRIOR to going to boat dock for rentals
  • Please be on time for your rental (policy above applies)
  • PFD must be with each operator of the personal watercraft at all times on the water
  • Capacity for kayaks is one person, for canoes is 3 persons, SUPs is 1 person. Additional people on watercraft is likely to cause damage to the craft and result in damages charged to renter. Lost PFDs/paddles result in fee up to $100.
  • Please keep your rented kayaks, canoes and SUPs, as well as accompanying paddles and PFDs together if you are not currently on them (stacked together on the beach so other guests do not get confused whose is whose).

Boat Slips & Boat Docks

  • Reserve-able boat docks are for guests at Acorns Resort. Cost is $20/day.*Check for Weekend and Holiday Rates
  • The boat dock for The Cove is open to daily use (and monitored by KDWP patrol).
  • Acorns Resort is not authorized to sell gas to private boats (authorized for rental boats only)
  • Launching personal boats from the Acorns Resort boat dock or beach is illegal.
  • To launch personal boats, please use the convenient boat dock at the Farnum Creek COE Campground.
  • Temporarily "parking" your boat is only authorized at The Cove boat dock.
  • Please observe no-wake zones as the beaches/boat dock are also designated for personal watercraft and swimming.