About Acorns Wild

Travel back in time to the 1800s to unravel the fascinating story of how Acorns Wild came to be, fill out the Wild About You contact form to bring your story at Acorns Wild to life, check out the property and learn about our Farm to Table program. 

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Acorns Wild's story begins in 1870 in Austria where a master stone mason dreamed of frontier opportunity, leading Martin Schuler to embark on voyage to New York. There he met his soon to be wife Catherina through a mutual friend who had family in Junction City, KS. The trio continued westward after hearing tales of the Kansas Flint Hills. When they arrived in JC in 1872, there were many masonry jobs to be had and soon Martin was able to buy 80 acres (originally acquired through the Pre-emption Act), where he built his bride a 2-story limestone home. In 1881, at 42 years old, Martin drowned in a flash flood while traveling between work sites . . .


Please give us some details about your Wild plans and we will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you prefer to call us, dial 785-463-4000, ext 1. Please leave a message if it is after business hours or we are on the line with another valued Acorns customer.
OR, you can send us an email with your questions to acornsresort@yahoo.com.


Acorns Wild makes up 1000 acres in the frontier of the Flint Hills. The property is a scenic and wild mixture of grass, wooded areas and rolling hills south of I-70 near Junction City, Fort Riley, Manhattan and Milford Lake

Farm to Table

Elk meat is low in fat and lower in cholesterol than most other red meats, and tastes amazing!
Acorns Wild elk live as close to naturally as possible and are free of steroids, hormones or growth antibiotics. In fact, the genetics in our herd are highly sought after in the elk breeding world.

Our Farm to Table products will be available in 2023, if not before.
It takes time, preservation planning and a great deal of care to offer top quality meat while also looking out for this beautiful herd's quality of life and ensuring people like you can witness this wildly alive magnificence for yourself for many years to come.