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Elk Tours

You now have the opportunity to experience a magnificent Elk herd in the Flint Hills of Kansas at Acorns Wild amidst a backdrop reminiscent of when they roamed the Tallgrass Prairie in the mid-1850s. Originally, Native Americans valued Wapiti (elk) for their beauty, meat, hides, bones and antlers. The herd at Acorns Wild currently includes 54 bulls, cows and calves of various ages, all living and contributing to our lives in similar ways as was almost 200 years ago. They play, run, eat, breed (September) and have babies (June and July). The herd grows and thrives among native grasses and mature trees to eat, roam and live in, while also providing sustenance, as it was before. Many elk curiously approach the fence to see if the 2-legged creature on the other side offers a handful of tall grasses from behind the fence (the grass is always greener).


Dates and Times

Beginning Spring 2022, 2-hour tours originating at Acorns Resort will be offered June 1st to September 14th: once per week at 530pm from Acorns Resort (Thursday or by group appt)  Reservations are required.

 Elk tours are NOT available other than scheduled tours so as to preserve the elk's natural lifestyle. This is also a real homestead that a family resides on, so all visitors must originate at Acorns Resort.

What is Included

Tour includes transportation in a 14-passenger bus to and from Acorns Wild/Acorns Resort, informative guide, entrance to the historic 1800s Acorns Wild HQ and time to walk around. Meeting time for departure at Acorns Resort is 5:30pm at the Information Center. June 2023 there may also be a fishing pond, nature trail and small cafe/retail store. 


  • Thursday night tours require 8 guests minimum @ $30 per person. 
  • Private tours starting at $250, please contact office for availability.


Acorns Resort, 13 miles north of I70 on HWY 77. Acorns Wild, 20 miles South of Acorns Resort.